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Choosing the Perfect Floorplan


One of the great benefits of building your own home versus buying one that is already built is that you get to make decisions about what you want, and have your home built that way—no remodeling or “fixer-upper” work to do. Custom home plans are ideal because you get to design the exact space that works for you. At the same time you will have to just look at it on paper until it’s built, so how do you find the perfect floorplan? Here are a few tips to get you started.  Read More +

Rambler or Two-Story New Home? The Pros and Cons of Each


Building a brand new home is something that many families want to do, but when you begin this undertaking, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Perhaps one of the first and most important is the home style you want. While there are far more than just two choices, the two most common home designs are ramblers (everything on a single level, with or without a basement) and two-story homes.   Read More +


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